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Friday, June 26, 2009

Code for CRM 4.0 Reading Pane Add-on

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As promised, here is the code for the CRM Reading Pane add-on, albeit a bit later in the week than I would have hoped. For now I've chosen to attach the Visual Studio project as a zip file. Next week I'll look into putting it on a hosted revision control system.

To use the Reading Pane, you will need to open up the Visual Studio solution file and search for all instances of "MODIFY:" These will be areas of the project where you will have to change the code to reflect your own CRM server address, organization name, etc. In addition, you will need to modify your Account entity to create a new tab with an Iframe to host the Reading Pane. The settings for the Iframe are shown below.

Download - Code for Reading Pane

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