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Friday, June 19, 2009

Duplicate Outlook Reading Pane for MS CRM 4.0 Activities

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Normally, when reading or searching for a particular CRM Activity, a user has to manually open up Activities one by one in new popup windows. This can turn into a very aggravating experience as system resources must be allocated to open each new window, leading to a delay in rendering each Activity. What if you could read and page through the Activities of an Entity similar to the reading pane in Outlook?

In next week's post I'll show you how to bake a C# page, blend in a TSQL query, and sprinkle some javascript spice to treat your users to an enhanced Activity searching and browsing experience. I've deployed this Activity Reading Pane feature to my company with great success! Users have marveled at the newfound ease of searching within the Activities of a particular Account or Contact. See you next week.

Update: Here is the code.


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